Geocoms which you can comfortably drive the sloping and narrow ways along the coast with

Geocoms is a -one passenger EV car- for tourists to enjoy sightseeings more , which is projected and created by the society for Tottori sightseeing mobility.
You can drive it on the sloping and narrow ways comfortablly, thus, you can enjoy the beautiful scenes to your heart's content.
In the "Sanin Geopark area", there are a lot of superb views and high spots.Why don't you go arround these spots with cute fish printed Geocoms?

Comfortable ride & Secured driving distance

Geocoms's attractiveness is not only being an ecological car which doesn't discharge CO₂.
It has a good torque motor though the body is small, so that you can drive the sloping and narrow ways without any frustration and enjoy going arround superb landscapes.
Even if it's cold climate, the seat is heated up, so you won't be shivering.
This car drives about 60km with one-time charging.
Thus, you can go arround a lot of spots without considering about the battery left.

【Kamogaiso】-the garden made by nature-

"Kamogaiso" is a famous sightseeing spot here which is made of small and big islets together in a complex bay.
On the beach, you can find the sand called "Sekieisha" which is shining like jeweries.
It's as it were a "garden" made by nature.
The rock tunnel at the eastern edge of this coast is called "Shuendoumon".
It's said that Shimazaki Touson -the writer of "the broken commandment"- came here in 1927 and got fascinated with this beauty.

【Tajiri Port】
-an associated place with a masterpiece anime-

Actually, "Iwami cho" is also famous for the associated town with an anime.
Arround Tajiri port, tehre are a lot of places portrayted on anime,so you must see this place.
If you are a fan of the anime, we are sure that you'll be impressed by seeing the spots.

【Nishiwaki Coast】-striking beauty of the view-

"Nishiwaki Coast" is stood alone at the western edge of the beach near "JR Higashihama station".
This small coast is the very superb view spot where everyone sets a high valuation on.
The emerald blue ocean, pure white sand and strangely shaped rocks show you the stunning view.
Because of the beautiful landscape, the whole neighborhood is called "Nezame no Kakyo(the awaking climax)".

Looking arround the islets of 【Uradome coast】 by cruiser

We recommend you the cruising tour of the Uradome's lovely ocean with our "Geocoms tour".
The sea which you look at from the cruiser, it's so clear and you'll be impressed by that.
You can enjoy not only the beautiful landscapes, but also a thrilling experience with the cruiser passing under the rock tunnels, caves and heugh islets.
And also, the captain of the cruiser tells you about all the spots, so you won't miss any of them.

【Suntec】-the shop for limited goods of the anime-

If you are intersted in anime, please check here.
"Suntec" sells limited goods of the anime, and this shop is hidden popular place for fans of the anime.
And also, the shop doesn't only sell the goods, but also you can have your photos taken with Free! MEMO POP life-sized postaers of the main characters of the anime.
You can upload that spesific memory on your SNS timelines.

"Iwami cho" is located in the northernmost tip of Tottori Prefecture.

From Tokyo
【Train】About 4h40min
【Express bus】About 9h35min (night bus)
【Airplane】About 75min
From Osaka
【Train】About 2h30min
【Express bus】About 2h50min
【Car】About 3hour
From Fukuoka
【Train】About 3h30min
【Express bus】About 10h30min

How to use the Geocoms

Please book the Geocoms from the sightseeing plans below, and come to the station by 30 minutes before on the day you travel.
When you return the Giocoms, it's also simple. Just come to the station and give that back to the satffs.
At the station, we give you maps and tell you about the spots of your plans.
The car has a voice guide, so you can drive comfotablly and easily, and you must be able to look arround the spots smoothly.

Let's go to the Superb Landscapes with valuable plans

There're 2 choices which you can use Geocoms for paying per every hour, or the model courses which we offer you 3hour use. We have 2 model courses, "superb view", "anime course".
You might think that you can't go through every spots you'd like to go within 3 hours, however, you can have extensions of the rent for 1000yen/hour. so, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and associated places all day long.